NEVER leave a dead battery in a wristwatch. A watch battery can leak (similar to a flashlight battery), when it is dead. This leakage can cause further, far more expensive damage to the watch movement. When your wristwatch stops keeping correct time or just stops running altogether, it’s often a weak or dead watch battery that’s the cause. The watch professionals at ED Jewelers carry a fresh inventory of watch batteries for all makes and models.The jewelers at ED have the right replacement batteries and proper equipment to replace the battery in your watch – saving you the hassle and worry. We can replace the batteries from hundreds of watch manufacturers in minutes. We will check for worn gaskets, and clean the contacts where necessary.


Mechanical & Automatic Watches

The watchmakers at ED Jewelers are experts in their field. They are certified in the repair of all major and minor brands of watches. Before we begin any repair of your timepiece, our watchmakers will examine your watch to determine the necessary repair. Before any repair begins, we will give you a clear estimate. If your watch is not keeping proper time, in addition to parts that might be necessary, we will completely disassemble the watch. During that process, we will remove older “thickened” oils and dirt, and re-lubricate the watch movement. This process is what we call a “Clean and Overhaul”. We are so confident in our work, that unlike most jewelers (that only offer a 30-day guarantee) ED jewelers gives a 1-year Guarantee on our “Clean and Overhauls”. Keeping your watch clean and functioning properly requires proper maintenance. You can trust that the professionals at ED Jewelers have the experience and the knowledge to do just that!


Over Time You Will Notice Your Watch Will Become Slow And Will Have Trouble Keeping Time. It Is Common And Can Normally Be Repaired By A Simple Watch Cleaning. This Service Can Take Time Depending The Type Of Watch Machine. Nevertheless, Everything Is Done In House.


Leather Watch Bands

Are you searching for a band to complement your watch? We offer replacement bands for all makes and styles of watches. We can replace any watch band while you wait or special order any special custom bands or colors


Quality Leather And Metal Watch Bands Are Held In Stock. Allowing Our Clients The Comfortability Of Choosing The Proper and Proffered Band To There Watch. Once Chosen Your New Band Will Be Fit On Right Away By Our Watchmaker.



We Get Old And So Do Our Watches. Meaning Parts Can Become A Problem. Our Watch Gears Can Get Chipped, Broken Off, Or Can Even Fly Off Some Times. We’ve Seen It All. We Tend To Some Parts In Stock And We Can Source Parts From Almost Any Brand.